See You in Class – A Taste of Christmas Past by Susan Benjamin

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Virginia Historical Society

428 N. Blvd. Richmond
Richmond VA 23220

Members: $25; Nonmembers: $30

 Tuesday Dec 13, 2016
American tradition—dazzling, tasty and all about celebration. Now, you’ll get the chance to explore the history of Christmas sweets, and sample them as you do! The range will include such traditional favorites as the candy cane (1600s) and the candy ribbon (1700s); some unknowns, such as the real sugar plums (late 1500s); and regional specialties like the potato candy.  You’ll also sample your way through time, tasting how some of those candies changed to become what they
are today. Be sure to bring your own memories of holidays past and the sweets you loved as you learn, taste, enjoy . . . and share!

Susan Benjamin is a candy historian and the owner of True Treats Candy, the nation’s only research-based historic candy company. She gives candy tastings and talks to museums, historic societies, and other venues throughout the nation and consults with television shows and museums, among others. She has appeared on Fox News, NBC News, Voice of America, and many other radio and television productions, including a history-based production on Destination America. She has written a number of books, including her latest, Sweet as Sin: The Unwrapped Story of How Candy Became America’s Favorite Pleasure.

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