2 People Were Victims Of A Violent Armed Robbery On VCU’s Campus Monday

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 VCU police have stepped up patrols near the Monroe Park Campus after that send  out an alert to students and faculty about an assault and armed robbery. 

This happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday in the 400 block of Gilmer Street, near North Belvidere and West Broad St.  Just last week 2 men tried to rob a man at his front door in that same area but he stopped them from coming inside

Police say it happened as the two victims were walking down the street, and the suspects were in front of them. 
The suspects then spun around, pulled out guns, and demanded the victims’ possessions, according to police. One of the victims tried to run, but they were attacked by one of the suspects, hit, and had their property stolen.
Both of the suspects are described as black men. One of them was wearing a gray hoodie, while the other had an orange and blue hoodie.
Richmond police are currently investigating this incident.

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