Gov. McAuliffe is recruiting retired teachers to Petersburg

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Petersburg has been through a hell of a ride these past few years to due abuse of power and mismanagement of city departments.  The city is now in the very beginning of a rebuilding process for the government and government related positions.  All of the civil servants are facing the struggle especially the firefighters.  They are facing worsening conditions with pay cuts and equipment repossessions. The public schools have also been hit hard and they’re having a hard time hiring and keeping teachers in the system.  Governor McAuliffe recently sent out a letter to retired teachers in the Petersburg area trying to entice them to come out of retirement and teach in a school system that needs there help.  He also reminds them that they will be keeping their retirement plus another paycheck if they do return.  They would be getting paid twice to teach.  The law, first approved in 2001, is meant to give incentive to teachers who have experience to return to the classroom, said Eric Steigleder, spokesman for Virginia’s secretary of education, Dietra Trent.

“With this in mind, I am writing to ask you to consider returning to the classroom, specifically in Petersburg,” the governor wrote.

“The students and schools of Petersburg need exactly the kind of experience and expertise you have to offer as a veteran teacher.”

A similar letter will go out looking for teachers in Richmond sometime next year.

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