Colonial Heights Police Are Searching For Credit Card Thief “Prince Charming”

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Colonial Heights police are currently looking for a suspect that is wanted for multiple credit card fraud charges involving his own fiancée.

Billy Stafford is facing credit card forgery, credit card fraud and even identity theft. Stafford’s ex-girlfriends are posting claims on Facebook, saying he manipulated them out of money – tens of thousands of dollars.

NBC12’s Kelly Avellino spoke with a half dozen of Stafford’s ex-girlfriends, one claiming he drained her of $100,000. Unfortunately in some of these situations, there’s nothing these women can legally do.

“Somebody you would want to see your life with,” described Lindsey Wolfrey of her ex-fiancé Stafford.

“To be completely honest, it was like Prince Charming,” said an ex-wife of Stafford, Ashley Price.

“He was great with my daughter… wonderful with her,” recalled another ex-girlfriend.

Their stories of manipulation, broken hearts and finances are remarkably similar. Women, many of them being single mothers, are calling Stafford a “Conman Casanova” on social media, warning others not to date him. They say Stafford usually meets women on dating apps, charms them into a fantasy relationship, and proposes marriage early on. Then, the façade begins to melt when Stafford’s ex-partners say they discovered he went on wild spending sprees using their money and credit cards.

In just three months, Lindsey Wolfrey says Billy charged up $45,000 worth of debt on her credit cards.

“Buying XBoxes… He actually bought my engagement ring with a card that he started online,” continued Wolfrey.

Wolfrey says Stafford opened other accounts with her information. Soon, she discovered a pile of hidden receipts and mail.

“… It was insane,” she said.

Because Wolfrey says she had no idea Stafford was using her cards, Colonial Heights Police filed fraud charges. Stafford has been convicted before of credit card fraud in Hanover, obtaining money under false pretenses in Newport News and has racked up more charges in nearby states.

Ashley Price was married to Stafford. She says the trauma of her marriage to Billy triggered a suppressed autoimmune disease, eating at her joints.

“They’ve actually told me I have PTSD from it,” said Price.

Price says Stafford secretly deposited false checks in her bank account, then withdrew the money before the check bounced, leaving it deeply overdrawn. However, Price admits she willingly gave Billy money periodically, even pawning her jewelry. She’s says Stafford always promised to pay her back.

“He’s really good, and he would trick you,” described Price, who says she’s now $56,000 in the hole, forced to file bankruptcy.

Kayla Moore says she allowed Stafford to use her card while they were together, assuming he’d use discretion. She now owes nearly $7,000 and says she wishes she hadn’t listened to her ex-boyfriend’s conniving excuses.

“The manipulation. I mean, he knows how to manipulate people,” added Moore.

NBC 12 legal analysts say that broken trust and unfulfilled promises to pay back money is often not criminal. If you do allow someone else to use your card, set clear limits and make sure you keep a close eye on your accounts.

The women say Billy dated several girlfriends at once, using funds from one girlfriend to buy things for another – unbeknownst to all of them.

“He has God to deal with,” said Wolfrey.

If you know anything about William “Billy” Stafford, III, please call Master Detective Roger Santini at (804) 520-9329 or Colonial Heights Police.

First reported by Kelly Avellino

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