Petersburg Elects A New Mayor The Only Way They Know How To; Controversially

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 By Brandon Jarvis

Petersburg City Council held a highly controversial hearing on Tuesday in the middle of the work day.  Citizens of the city and the ACLU have been asking for the hearing to be pushed back to Tuesday evening but their wishes fell on deaf ears apparently.  In Petersburg, the Mayor and Vice Mayor candidates are City Council members.  The appointments of Mayor and Vice Mayor is not voted on by the public, but by the City Council itself.   Myers, the current mayor was pushing to keep his job.  But it was his Vice Mayor Samuel Parham, that stole the show.

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Former Vice Mayor Samuel Parham was elected as mayor, and John Hart, Sr. was elected as the city’s vice mayor, according to the clerk’s office.

The Robert Bobb group was hired towards the end of 2016 to try and help the cities financial issues.  They  also just secured Petersburg a $6.5 million loan to help the city with essential services. The city was having trouble paying firefighters and EMT, as well as problems with the city’s water system.

Brandon Jarvis

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