New Petersburg Mayor Sam Parham Gives First Interview

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Petersburg City Council chose a new mayor on Tuesday at a midday hearing.  A lot of the citizens of the city were upset about the timing of the hearing being in the middle of a workday.  The ACLU even sent a letter requesting a time change but the hearing went on as scheduled.  That being said, the reactions to the outcomes of the vote were very mixed in the community. That is not out of the norm for any elected official in any locality.  But, the zeitgeist in Petersburg is not anywhere near the average city or county.  People here are passionate and angry over the financial situation that former Petersburg leaders left the citizens and first responders to deal with now.

Sam Parham replaced Howard Myers as mayor after City Council voted on Tuesday. Parham is a business owner and he has two children.  Mayor Parham is married to a school teacher but his daughter still says that he is the one that helps her with homework.

Parham started his interview on a shaky note, Brent Solomon asked him what will he do that is different than past Petersburg leadership.

“I’m a little more of a uh…”  This continued with some more inaudible phrases.  He then went on explain that he doesn’t want to imply that former Mayor Myers did a poor job.

He didn’t give much information in this interview.  He went on to talk about his public role as mayor as compared to the city manager.

“I don’t see myself doing a state of the city address.  If someone is going to be doing it, it will be the City Manager.”  said the Mayor.  Parham also discussed the hiring process of hiring a City Manager versus what they really need out of a City Manager. ” Most city managers that come in are coming in trying to stay and keep their job.  We don’t need someone that wants to stay and keep their job.  We need someone to tell us the truth.”

“hindsight is 20/20” Parham said.   I believe this is something that some residents forget that not all of Petersburg leadership is corrupt.  We have to try and trust them … with caution of course.

Sam Parham is the new Mayor of Petersburg.  I wish him luck in 2017, the entire city needs some good fortune.

Brandon Jarvis

Quotes Via Brent Solomon

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