Donald Trump Is Leading In New Virginia Poll

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A new Virginia poll released on Wednesday shows a major shift from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump in the wake of the FBI’s decision to reopen the Clinton email investigation.

The poll comes from Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP). It shows Trump at 44 points, jumping ahead of Clinton at 41 points.

This erases a 12-point deficit reported by the CPP in early October, where Trump trailed at 34 percent to Clinton’s 46 percent.

The poll began on Wednesday, Oct. 26, with 13 days to go before the election. News that the FBI would reopen their investigation broke on Oct. 28.

The latest poll shows 15 percent of voters are undecided. The top priority of nearly half of the voters polled is improving the economy.

Neither candidate is considered trustworthy – only 34 percent polled trust Clinton, and 42 percent trust Trump.

The poll also shows 82 percent of Virginians are confident in the integrity of the voting process

For the full results of the Virginia polls go here.

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