This is why I think Will Wade Should Never Leave VCU

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

It’s not March if VCU fans aren’t worried about losing their coaching to a power-conference school. So here we go again. Rumors have been circulating about VCU’s newest coach, Will Wade attracting interest from multiple schools. To be fair, we have not heard anything from his camp to insinuate he has any interest in leaving. But, fans were pretty confident that Shaka Smart would never leave either. Shaka Smarts Longhorns team had a very disappointing season this year after making the tournament in his first season. (Wade also made the tourney at VCU in his first season to be fair). Shaka was on top of the college basketball world when he was at VCU. Drawing attention from the likes of Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, and it seemed that his face was on ESPN once a week. He was essentially a king in Richmond. Now…. I watch ESPN daily and I couldn’t tell you the last time I heard his name. His team is not on the rise, and he doesn’t have an entire city following his every move with praise.

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Will Wade should stay because he has the potential to build something great here. Yes, VCU is a mid-major school in the Atlantic-10. But, that doesn’t have to be forever. When Coach K joined Duke, they weren’t the “brand” that Duke is today. Wade has shown that his knowledge, work ethic, and motivation can help build this program into something great that one day might propel VCU in the likes of a power conference school.

Richmond is an up and coming city that is thriving on the loves of college basketball, beer, and food. Yes, we were all a little heartbroken when we found out that Smart was leaving for Texas. But, we have come together behind our new coach at VCU and we are prospering. We are competing to hopefully win an A-10 title this weekend and then after that we WILL be in the NCAA tournament on the national stage yet again. Will Wade can take VCU from a mid-major to a power conference school in less than 10 years with enough consistency and success. The always changing landscape recently of the conferences also makes for a promising chance for VCU to move up in the world. Forget football, we have basketball. (I am not against having a football program however, I LOVE FOOTBALL TOO.)

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