Virginia is on the world stage in November, & Democrats can seize control

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Written by Brandon Jarvis

Virginia’s General Assembly is actually in play for state Democrats


The election cycle in Virginia this year is being picked apart with a fine-tooth-comb.  In part, this is due to the race for the Governors’ mansion.  But, there is another important election in VA, better yet there are 56 important elections in this state.  The Republican-held, House of Delegates chamber, in the State of Virginia’s General Assembly has been controlled by Republicans for as long as I can remember.  Countless Republicans run un-opposed year after year, that is until this year.  56 of the 66 GOP-held areas now have to compete against an opponent.  It makes sense to believe this is normal to see this type of turnaround after a shift in the Government power grip.  In 2009, 69 out of the 100 state-wide General Assembly elections ran with more than one opponent, that was the highest in a decade.  That was the election cycle after President Obama was elected.  The present response to a Donald Trump presidency has yielded the second highest tally in decades of contested races at 67.

Tom Perriello has joined up with a PAC to try and take the VA House for Democrats.

“There are more than enough Virginia voters to tip the House of Delegates to the Democrats, even with a system that’s been rigged through this radical gerrymandering,” Perriello said

He later said,

We’re going to have lots of opportunities to engage voters in Virginia who normally show up in presidential years and then will disappear after that, and really, frankly, if the Democrats can be effective in engaging the coalition that already exists in state elections, despite all of the noise being about federal elections, it should be a very good year for Democrats,” Perriello said.

For a list of all of the candidates in VA go here.
  • 9 races will have 3 contenders
  • 10 GOP seats are running un-opposed
  • 23 Democratic seats are running un-opposed
  • 56 GOP held seats are being contested
  • 11 Democratic seats are being contested

The State of Virginia is celebrating a budget surplus of $132 million for the fiscal year of 2017.  Total revenue collections rose by 3.6 percent in fiscal year 2017, ahead of the revenue forecast of 2.9 percent growth. The main drivers of the revenue increase were growth in payroll withholding and corporate income tax collections.  Both parties are trying to spin this surplus to their advantage.  The Governor started for the Democrats with a press release.  Here is part of it.

“Over the past few years, sequestration and federal dysfunction have hampered our Commonwealth’s economy and impacted revenue collections. Since I took office we have worked feverishly to break that cycle by diversifying our economy and laying a foundation for long-term economic growth. Those efforts are paying off, but at a time when Washington is more broken than ever, we cannot afford to let up now.”  said Governor Terry McAuliffe

The GOP is also trying to claim a victory for their efforts with the budget surplus, while also requesting that the money be placed into savings.

Speaker-designee of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox released the following statement on Facebook.

The General Assembly’s consistently cautious approach to the state budget has once again put us in a strong position at the end of the fiscal year, with a $132 million surplus. Republicans continue to govern and lead our Commonwealth responsibly. I am calling on 100% of the surplus to be deposited into a reserve fund — not spent. This prudent action, combined with efforts to spur meaningful economic growth and protect our Right-to-Work law, will be a positive step for our Commonwealth. – Speaker-designee Kirk Cox

In the next few months, campaigns across the state will begin to heat up.  The entire country will be watching us and predicting our decisions.  We have to educate ourselves on the candidates, and vote for the best person that we believe can lead this state.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, or a Republican, please don’t let the national politics cause you to turn on your neighbor.  Educate yourself on the issues that matter to you, and let your friends and family do the same in peace.

Virginia is for Lovers 


-Brandon Jarvis

Here’s more on the 2017 Gubernatorial election in VA.

Ralph Northam is the Democrat, he is currently Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor and he is supported by nearly every elected Democrat.  Ed Gillespie the Republican, is a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and a Washington lobbyist.

Ralph Northam has been pushing a hard campaign against the Healthcare bills that the Republicans are trying to push through.

Ed Gillespie has failed to publicly speak on the Healthcare Bill that is trying (and failing) to make its way through the Senate GOP.  Ralph Northam has been hitting that nail on the head, every single day.  To be fair, even if Gillespie does support this now likely dead healthcare bill, it would not do him any good fortune to support it publicly.  Virginia voted for Hillary and Obama, both Senators are Democrats, and the current Governors’ Mansion is occupied by a Democrat.

Gillespie has called for increased federal spending in defense, specifically stating that the US Navy needs more ships. He has voiced support for the Keystone Pipeline and criticized federal regulations that “[slow] down the development of energy infrastructure.”

Northam supports the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  He also supports a federal Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Northam is pro-choice. He opposes banning late-term abortions after 20 weeks.  He believes the Democratic Party should not endorse candidates who are pro-life.[30] Northam’s 2017 gubernatorial bid has been endorsed by NARAL

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