A doctor has been found guilty in the death of a Midlothian woman

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A doctor was found guilty on Thursday in the death of a woman from Chesterfield. John E. Gibbs II was arrested in March and charged in the death of Zulma Pabon. Police classified her disappearance from more than three years ago as a no-body homicide. Police had said Gibbs was seen on surveillance photos walking to a home that he and Zulma share, just minutes after her car was seen leaving. That car was later found abandoned at a mobile home park.  Earlier this year, Gibbs was sentenced to prison for child neglect.

In that case, reports say Gibbs and Pabon’s child began acting out in daycare. The child would repeatedly swear, kick, scream, and misbehave. One written report stated he told the teacher he was going to “get my father’s gun and kill you,” then turning to classmates saying, “I’ll kill you, too.”

After a child neglect investigation was launched, the child, who was 4 at the time, was discovered wandering alone near a Costco. Police discovered there was another incident before that, where the boy was found at the pool. That incident went unreported.

In both cases, detectives believe the timing lined up with appointments Gibbs had with the child’s teachers, leading those detectives to believe he left the child unsupervised.

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