VA Delegate Nick Freitas Announces Bid for U.S. Senate Republican Nomination

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

With a ‘Liberty Rising’ banner in the background, Nick Freitas announced his intention to run against Tim Kaine (D) for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Freitas made this announcement at the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. The site of a GOP retreat. Freitas is a relatively unknown legislator serving only one full term.  But,  that might have been exactly what the Republican leaders have been searching for this year.

“I am passionate about the cause of individual liberty.” said Freitas in front of the crowd.

He currently represents the 30th district in the House of Delegates which is comprised of Madison County, Orange County, and the Southern half of Culpeper County. Freitas served in the Army, including two tours in Iraq.  After leaving the military, Freitas became the Chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee. Next he ran unopposed in 2015 for the House of Delegates seat filling the seat of retiring Delegate Ed Scott. Facing Samuel Nixon in 2017, Freitas won 62% of the vote.

Freitas is facing a challenge before he faces Kaine – Corey Stewart (R), who aligns himself with Trump – announced his bid for the nomination. Stewart is a Trump-ist, the biggest monument supporter, and believes in what he called “Confederate Heritage”.

Stewart ran for the Republican nomination in this years Gubernatorial election, nearly beating the establishment-candidate Ed Gillespie (R). Stewart is trying to ride the wave he created during that campaign – but state republicans are wary of a Stewart nomination. Meanwhile Stewart has promised to run a “vicious” campaign agains  Tim Kaine (D).

E.W. Jackson (R) has also been rumored to announce his intention on Monday to receive the Republican nomination. He lost to Ralph Northam (D) in the 2013 Lt. Governor election.  He also was a candidate in the republican primary in 2012. Jackson is a minister that holds extremely conservative republican viewpoints. Jackson once said that gay people are “ill”.

Anchor Derek McGinty in an interview on WUSA9 in 2013 asked: “Did you say that gay people live a sick lifestyle, they’re sick people?”

“Never said that,” Jackson responded. “What I’ve said is I think that the movement, the effort to change the culture is an effort to pervert things. But look, here’s the thing. I said that in the context of ministry. And as a minister, I teach what? The Bible. I’m not running to be minister of Virginia or bishop of Virginia.”

Regardless of which candidate receives the nomination – they are in for an uphill battle against the incumbent. Kaine is 3-0 in Virginia elections. Virginia voted Obama, Clinton, and back to back Democratic Governors. Both of their Senators are democrats. The House of Delegates just reversed an enormous republican majority to a mere 2 seat difference pending a recounts.  Virginia is turning blue – with Tim Kaine being presented The Republican party can make every move perfectly and they will still likely lose in 2018.



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