A Facebook group is working to “Help Our Homeless”

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

A local Facebook group is working to bring attention to the needs of our local homeless community.

Danielle DeNitto posted the following information on Facebook in a group called “Helping our Homeless“. Go join the group for more stories and information.

“There is a 3 tent community between the target and petco. Living there is Alicia Brown age 65 disabled veteran, Donald age 60 and Harry age 50.

Right now there main issue is all their drinking water is ICE.

Alicia receives disability benefits and can afford a 3 bedroom home rent under $800 per month. Alicia has been homeless a month and a half. Donald has been homeless since June. Harry has been homeless 2-3 months.

They had a apartment lead at Bellwood apartments that fell thru.

Alicia could use help paying her vehicle registration and insurance. She has the singing voice of a angel and sang to Kingston and I.

Alicia has a car but as others if they leave their campsite will be robbed and heaters will be gone.

Alicia has a cat name Gypsy so cat food is also a need.”

There is a tent community behind target on Jeff Davis. At the red and gray tent closest to the side of Target closest to the Petsmart shopping center I spoke with a woman. She does not want her personal information put on a Facebook but she allowed me to interview her and put her needs out to our group.

Needs and Wants:
Canned Foods (need pop tops)
Bag of Chips
Stax Chips
Cranberry Juice for her Kidneys
Peppermint Hard Candies
Butterscotch Candies 

She says she has everything she needs to keep her warm. She does not go to a shelter or leave her tent because she does not want someone to steal from her.

If anyone would like to deliver items she needs please leave them at the tree in front of her tent.

She will not accept home cooked meals, another homeless woman says that her husband once attempted to poison her. She will only accept sealed items.

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