A man was murdered in Hopewell

A woman in Hopewell witnessed the murder of her brother.

The shooting happening before noon. at Prince George Apartments near Warren Avenue and Bassett Street. The victim has been identified as 29-year-old Willi Earl Cromartie.

Police said Cromartie was shot following a verbal argument with an unknown subject who was last seen fleeing the scene in a silver or grey four-door vehicle. Witnesses described the suspect as a black male with a light complexion and afro-style haircut who was wearing a light-blue jacket.

This is the surveillance photo that police released of the suspect.

Cromartie’s sister said her brother was shot in the head and that she was there when it happened.

“I love him to death,” Sharnice Cromartie, told 8News. “Only thing he cared about was his family and his son. He had his son with him all the time. He was so sweet. He got himself together. He had a job. Only thing he cared about was making sure his son was straight, that’s it. He didn’t bother people.

“It’s not cool to go around taking other people’s lives just because you’re unhappy with your own,” S. Cromartie added. “It’s not cool whatsoever. You just took his life, now his son has to grow up without a father. Now his mother has to continue to grow without one of her son’s. And it’s not fair. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair at all.”

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