7th district GOP State Central Committee Rep. has been tweeting about Project Veritas infiltrating Spanberger campaign for weeks

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By Brandon Jarvis

Abigail Spanberger’s campaign posted a video on Wednesday of campaign manager Dana Bye confronting a volunteer named Marisa Jorge in the headquarters and making her leave the office. The campaign said that Jorge, an employee of Project Veritas, started volunteering undercover for the campaign several weeks ago. According to the Washington Post, the Spanberger campaign became suspicious of Jorge when she kept pestering those around her with questions.

James O’Keefe is the brains behind the shady Project Veritas organizations that releases secret videos of politicians and presents them in ways that are often out of context. His appearance in this race isn’t a surprise to some people who have been following the race on social media.

An adamant supporter of the Republican Party and Dave Brat has been posting multiple messages on social media about a possible Project Veritas invasion.

A constituent of the VA-07 district named Mark Hile has been tweeting that Project Veritas was inside of the Spanberger campaign. Hile is identified on the Virginia GOP website as a 7th C.D. representative on the State Central Committee. Hile is one of five 7th district representatives on that committee. A direct quote from the Virginia GOP website explains the SCC’s role: “The State Central Committee (SCC) is the governing body of the Republican Party of VirginiaThe elected SCC is made up of a various number of representatives from each Congressional District – with additional members if that District has a Republican Member of Congress and if that District went Republican in the last Presidential election.”

He has been tweeting about Veritas and Spanberger for weeks

His first tweet that has been located related to Spanberger and Veritas was on October 11th at 5:48 a.m. “Is there a spy in the campaign that would get the same info as in this video? Could be. She is a Chameleon. She knows 7th District is conservative & her progressive views would not get her votes, so she changes to a moderate to hide in plan sight.

The next day, Hile tweeted about Spanberger and Veritas again: “Does @SpanbergerVA07 have an undercover operative in her office recording her staff telling the truth about her stands & votes?

Maybe they will be on @Project_Veritas with @JamesOKeefeIII telling us about it all.

Did she train her staff what she learned in the CIA to deceive?”

Hile is an adamant supporter of Spanberger’s opponent Dave Brat and the Republican creed. Brat, the Republican incumbent, is in a dead heat race for a seat that has been reliably Republican for nearly 50 years. Spanberger raised an outrageous $3.6 million last quarter and her ads are on the airwaves every 5 minutes in the Richmond market. Spanberger has momentum, but Brat has the district that hasn’t nominated a Democrat since black-and-white television.

Hile tweets about the race in the 7th district multiple times per day. We have seen him on social media from time-to-time over the past year. The tweets referencing Spanberger and a potential mole have been showing up on his feed frequently since October 11th, including Wednesday when he referenced Project Veritas 4 times.

He quoted a Project Veritas tweet on Wednesday just hours before the news of the spy on the campaign was released. At 3:03 p.m. on October 31st, Hile tweeted “Virginia 7th District will be next. Heads up Team !”

Hile also tweeted Wednesday morning asking Project Veritas to go to the Spanberger HQ, and also encouraging his followers to vote for Brat at the end of the tweet.

“Is of going to show up today to ask Team about the undercover video they have of them lying about her being a moderate? The theme of the Pelosi Progressive Puppets, lie about being a moderate to get elected. Vote 4 !”

Hile has been using the talking points of Spanberger’s opponent when tweeting at her multiple times a day. In the only debate between Brat and Spanberger, Brat compared Spanberger to the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi twenty-five times.

This has become a national strategy for the Republicans and their social media echo chambers.The left’s echo chamber is trying to counteract it with pointing out what they call lies from the right, but the Republican communications mechanisms have been in place for so long that Democrats continue to fight an uphill battle. Hile is no exception to this, he tows the party line day in, and day out.

These tweets were tweeted from Hile’s account on Wednesday

He started with a reference to Pelosi. “What’s your plan @SpanbergerVA07 to help the economic momentum?
Or is it “just a gimmick”?
Is your “new tone” “Obstruct, resist, impeach” anything & everything?
What about “having that conversation” with those you disagree with?
Pelosi Progressive Puppet”

Then he went to another point that Republicans are riding hard, the only major legislative accomplishment for Republicans these last two years – tax cuts. “Trump’s tax cuts jolt manufacturing jobs – Trump knew how to use the “magic wand” that Obama did not think existed. What is the Pelosi & @SpanbergerVA07 plan to keep the economy going? Raise taxes?”

He retweeted an account that referred to Spanberger as “Abortion Advocate Abigail“.

too extreme for our Virginia Values!”

Brat’s campaign has denied any involvement in the Project Veritas operation. We likely won’t hear anything else from them on this topic. In a quote to the Washington Post, Spanberger’s campaign manager harped on the “dirty politics” being implemented against their campaign. “Dirty tricks like these are the worst part of politics, and this is exactly what Abigail is running to change.” She continued, “We are proud of the campaign we have run, and wonder if Congressman Brat and his allies can say the same. While others may scrape the bottom of the barrel out of desperation, Abigail and our campaign will remain focused on talking to our neighbors on their doorsteps about the issues that matter to our community — that’s the campaign voters deserve and it’s the campaign that we believe will carry us to victory.”

We found no financial connection between Hile and Brat. We have no reason to believe that Brat was involved in this in any manner. Hile could be following the rhetoric of Republicans across the country and just got extremely lucky in predicting that Project Veritas infiltrated the Spanberger HQ. However, due to the timing of the arrival of the Veritas volunteer – “several weeks ago“, along with Hile’s first tweet on October 11th referencing Project Veritas and Spanberger, followers of the race are questioning his and the Republican Party of Virginia’s involvement.

O’Keefe released two videos of Jorge talking to Spanberger campaign staffers, but no scandal or lie was revealed in either video. The information that was revealed was already public information.

We reached out to Hile on Wednesday night asking him how much he knew about Project Veritas and Spanberger. We have yet to hear back from him at time of publication.

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One thought on “7th district GOP State Central Committee Rep. has been tweeting about Project Veritas infiltrating Spanberger campaign for weeks

  • November 1, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Be interesting to see if there is any fallout from this, or if the 7th CD R’s will continue to reward blind faith loyalty over competence.


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