A Hopewell mother is pleading for answers in the murder of her son

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An emotional plea from a Hopewell mother, calling on the public’s help to track down the person who killed her beloved son.

It’s been three months since 26-year-old Edward Rogers, Jr. was shot and left to die in the middle of a field. Hopewell police say they’re reviewing leads in this case, but so far no arrests, and that’s what hurts the most for a family in mourning.

These days there’s one question Patricia Spruill is constantly being asked.

“How do you do it? And I don’t know how I do it,” she said fighting tears.

It follows the death of her 26-year-old son Edward Rogers, Jr.

“I just tell people it’s God, because sometimes I don’t even want to get out the bed,” she said.

It was Hopewell’s first homicide of the year. Rogers was shot in the chest and face, left to die in a field near Elm Street and Westover Avenue – a mile away from his home.

Rogers leaves behind a 3-year-old girl, Ayanna.

“She will tell me all the time, ‘I miss my dad.’ If she sees pictures laying around the house, she’ll say ‘That’s my dad. I miss my dad’ because he was very over-protective of her, very over-protective,” Spruill said.

It’s been three months since her father was taken away, and no one knows why.

“He didn’t bother anybody. He went to work. He took care of his daughter…Who would want to hurt my son? That haunts me every day, to know that someone would want him dead,” she said.

Days after his death, family and friends gathered at the victim’s church for a vigil holding blue balloons – his favorite color.

“Every Sunday he was there. Bible study, he was there…He just wanted to get closer to God. He had gotten baptized and everything,” Spruill added.

Now the grieving mother is left with the memories of her beloved son and the hope justice will be served.

“Whoever killed my son, I want you to come forth, because I want my son to rest. I don’t feel like my son is resting now,” she said.

If you have any information to help crack the case, the number to call is 804-541-2202.

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