A New VCU Poll has Tim Kaine leading Corey Stewart big time

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

VCU’s Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affair just released their data after conducting a statewide poll of voters for the upcoming Senate election between Tim Kaine (D) and Corey Stewart (R).

“Democratic U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine holds a commanding 23-point lead — 49 percent to 26 percent — over Republican challenger Corey Stewart among likely voters in Virginia’s Senate race, according to a new statewide poll by the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. Twenty percent of likely voters and 57 percent of independents remain undecided.”

The numbers show that Stewart has been unable to motivate Republican voters, only attracting 66% of Republicans, voters that tend to lean Republican. The report also shows that Kaine has an advantage of 2 to 1 in attracting independent voters that have already decided who they are going to vote for in November.

“Kaine is winning every key demographic category. Kaine’s lead is significantly larger among women (56 percent to 21 percent) but he also leads among men (40 percent to 33 percent). Similarly, Kaine leads by a wide margin among minority respondents (74 percent to 7 percent) but also by a small margin among white respondents (39 percent to 35 percent). Respondents ages 18 to 34 and those with some college or a college degree were also significantly more likely to favor Kaine.”

The data also shows that among those polled, 51% of voters would prefer to see Democrats in control of Congress. However, only 32% of voters polled said they would want to see Republicans in control.

“the poll also finds that a plurality of Virginians (48 percent, up from 39 percent in 2017) would like to see only those undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes targeted for deportation. Twenty-seven percent want to see all undocumented immigrants deported, 18 percent prefer targeting those convicted of any crime and only 3 percent support no deportations of undocumented immigrants.”

The results of this poll seem to back up what a lot of pundits and analysts believe will happen in November when they predict some big Democratic upsets.

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Expect more data from the Wilder School’s Center for Public Policy on Friday measuring Virginians’ views on several policy issues facing localities, including whether localities should be able to restrict the carrying of weapons at public gatherings such as protests or festivals.

Read more results from the poll.

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