A Richmond Deputy Has Been Fired For Shoplifting

A former Richmond deputy has been fired after being charged with shoplifting woman’s perfume at a Henrico Target last month.

The Richmond Sheriff’s Office say the alleged incident happened at the Target on 4521 South Laburnum Avenue in Henrico.
Richmond Sheriff C. T. Woody, Jr. says Preston was terminated after an administrative investigation.
“I am extremely disappointed with former deputy Preston. I cannot and will not accept this type of conduct from individuals who take an oath to follow the law and then conduct themselves in such a manner,” said Sheriff C. T. Woody, Jr. in a press release. “I expect my employees to do what is right. This is a harsh lesson; to sacrifice one’s career in law enforcement because of his actions involving a bottle of perfume, but I and the public expect our law enforcement employees to be above reproach.”

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