A wild horse was run over and killed on the beach in the OBX

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Sad nows out of the OBX tonight as we are reporting that a wild Mare was ran over and killed instantly on the beach in Corolla. The Wild Horse Fund released a statement on Facebook.

“Tragic, terrible news to share today. Last night a mare was run over and killed on the beach. She died instantly, and her stallion stayed over her body all night even after she was covered with a tarp. There are no words to describe the heartbreak and frustration we are feeling this morning. What a senseless loss. Please, please, please pay attention when you are driving on the beach at night. Slow down and expect that a horse could be on the beach or running over the dunes at any given moment. While the speed limit changes based on the presence and proximity of people on the beach, we simply ask that drivers be aware that lower speeds are safer for everyone. The person who hit the horse was not a tourist.”

The Group is reminding people to be safe and aware while driving on the beach. As they stated, the driver of the vehicle was not a tourist.

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