Abigail Spanberger Named a District Director

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Today, 7th District Congresswoman-Elect Abigail Spanberger announced her former campaign Field Director, Karen Mask, has been hired as her official District Director. She brings a background in pediatric nursing, clinical research, and business management into her new role.

Mask’s political career began in 2017 when she was hired as the Field Director for Larry Barnett’s House of Delegates campaign. As a pediatric nurse who administered care in acute and primary care settings, Mask had become increasingly frustrated by the growing gaps in healthcare and saw public service as a means to affect change.

“I grew concerned seeing more and more people who needed help go untreated, so I decided to use my Masters of Public Health to help drive healthcare policy forward,” Mask said. “My passion has always been serving others and helping people, and I believe this new role is an extension of that. I am honored to accept the position of District Director with Congresswoman-Elect Spanberger.”

Spanberger, who first hired Mask as Field Director in January of this year, is confident that Mask will make a smooth transition into the District Director role. “Karen knows the 7th District and she knows the unique needs of the families who live here,” Spanberger said. “From her time as a pediatric nurse to her 16 years of business management experience, Karen brings a diverse set of skills and a unique perspective to the team. I’m excited to have her stay with us as an integral part of the responsive and accessible team we are building.”

Mask holds degrees from the University of Central Florida (BA), Arizona State University (BSN) and the University of Florida (MPH). She lives with her wife, Dr. Maggie Tolan, and two sons in Chesterfield County.

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