Abigail Spanberger’s Statement on Virginia Passing Medicaid Expansion

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Today the VA State Senate voted for Medicaid expansion, a step their counter-part House of Delegates voted for months ago. Estimates say that close to 400,000 people in Virginia will receive healthcare and the federal government will be covering 90% of the costs due to the Affordable Care Act. Abigail Spanberger, a candidate for the Democratic nomination to face Dave Brat (R) in the November House of Representatives election released a statement. Read that below.

“Today, the Virginia General Assembly took the long-overdue step of expanding Medicaid and providing life-saving healthcare to nearly 400,000 Virginians, including tens of thousands in the 7th District. ​This historic vote signals a sea change in how we do business here in the Commonwealth, and I am heartened to know that we will no longer be satisfied by half measures that deny our fellow Virginians the basic right to quality healthcare. I would like to thank the many activists, advocacy organizations, and forward-thinking elected officials who made it their mission to save lives, reduce costs and put people above politics.”

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