About R2D

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Richmond 2day is collective built on an independent mindset of ideas and principles.

Our collective is composed of writers and contributors from across the political spectrum. You might love some of our articles – you almost might hate some of our articles. That is is okay.

We believe in reporting the facts and letting the reader come to their own conclusion – but we also believe in giving people the platform to express their opinion. We make sure to keep the two separate while covering Virginia politics and news.

We have a dedicated audience that drives thousands of visitors to our website each day. We have an ever growing email list that we use to keep our audience up to date on everything that is happening in our world.We are launching a podcast series in December of 2019 that we are very excited to show the world. All in all, R2D is a piece of independent journalism that you may struggle to find in 2018. We are still trying to find our own self identity after 2 years – and we welcome you with open arms to witness our journey and watch us grow.

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