Absentee ballot numbers look good for Virginia Democrats so far

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Lowell over at the blog Blue Virginia, put together a post breaking down the numbers that the State Board of Elections reported on absentee ballot activity.

This is what Lowell said about the VA-07 election between Dave Brat and Abigail Spanberger:

  • VA-07 is interesting, as it’s a hotly contested “purple” district currently held by far-right Republican Dave Brat, and with a strong Democratic challenger in Abigail Spanberger. The absentee voting ballots requested/submitted in VA-07 are lower than in VA-08, VA-10 and VA-11, but still very solid. Not sure exactly what this means, but it’s encouraging that around 29% of those VA-07 absentees were requested by young voters (aged 18-25).

VA-04, which encompasses the City of Richmond, is a very safe Democratic district. Lowell reported:

  • VA-04 is strongly Democratic and not at all competitive (Rep. Donald McEachin will cruise to an easy reelection), and those absentee numbers are kind of “meh.” Even more “meh” is VA-03, also strongly Democratic and heavily African American; would feel better if those absentee numbers were higher there.

We only highlighted what they reported for the Central Virginia elections, but to see the breakdown of the rest of the state go here.

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