ACC Roundup: UNC Conquers, Louisville Wins in OT, & Bagley’s Shirt?

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By JD King

Some of you may have noticed that cool Marvin Bagley shirt in Cameron during the Wake Forest game. There’s a bit of a story there.

Turns out Marvin’s dad, Marvin Bagley II (we haven’t been doing all the III’s and II’s and Jrs since the only ones we deal with are the ones we see but of course Duke’s Bagley is Bagley III) made some shirts. We’re not clear if he sold them or not – we’d hope he could give them away certainly – but it’s not necessarily illegal as the Greensboro News & Record suggests. It is, however, against NCAA rules to profit from a player’s likeness so even the family can’t sell the shirts.

However, someone else bootlegged the image and made their own and is apparently selling them, also against the NCAA rules and, presumably, illegal since they don’t have permission to use young Bagley’s image.

There should be a new paradigm emerging about now and it should overlap with our digital lives: our images and our data belong to us and can only be licensed or used with our permission.

Close but no cigar for Clemson and The Streak lives on as Carolina won in Chapel Hill

UNC got out to a big early lead but the Tigers fought back and cut an 18-point lead to just two on three different occasions. They just never could get over the hump. It’s too bad because Clemson was certainly good enough to win.

Louisville and Notre Dame went to double OT before the Cards won 87-79. Ray Spalding had a nice double-double with 23 points and 12 rebounds.

Notre Dame did get Matt Farrell back but lost freshman DJ Harvey. He played just seven minutes before suffering a knee injury. The severity is not clear.

Pitt gave Syracuse a bit of a game in the Carrier Dome: Pitt was within two with 9:47 left.

Parker Stewart got hot and hit six threes but in the end, Syracuse pulled away and won 59-45. It wasn’t as easy as we expected but it was still a 14 point win.

Stewart ended up 8-14 but unfortunately no one else for Pitt hit more than two shots and the Panthers managed just 35% and had 18 turnovers too.

It’s going to be a learning season for Pitt, without question, and this was one of their best efforts.

Down in Miami, university president Julio Frenk has some thoughts about the FBI investigation and the current state of Miami basketball.

No games on Wednesday but on Thursday, Wake Forest visits Raleigh and Georgia Tech welcomes Virginia to the rebuilt Thriller Dome.

Somewhat surprisingly, Louisville is in second place and the Cards will probably get help from Virginia during the Atlanta visit. That would likely push Duke to a share of third place.

In some trouble: Notre Dame, Miami and Virginia Tech. Boston College and Georgia Tech are ahead of all three in the standings. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Don’t count on it lasting though.

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