Activists continue to highlight water contamination along pipeline route

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RICHMOND, Virginia– Activists from around the Richmond Region gathered behind the Office of the Governor to draw attention to the continued and blatant sediment control violations along the route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The action marked over eight months of weekly protests and letter deliveries to the Governor, with zero response from the Administration. The activists also highlighted the years of warning that water would be detrimentally impacted by the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines.

The Virginians in attendance called attention to the repeated warnings that the Governor received calling for stream-by-stream analysis, predictions for water contamination from terrains impossible to manage, and erosion and sediment plans that were either grossly inadequate or not feasible. The destructive, true reality of MVP’s construction up to this point was contrasted with Northam’s recent wistful messaging at a graduation a letter drafted the to Northam and read over a loudspeaker.

The letter stated in part that “At the beginning of this month, you told Roanoke medical students “always to prescribe hope.”  This is an extension of what you said in your inaugural speech, that you “have recognized the incredible power of hope and [your] responsibility to preserve it in the people [you] serve” and you are committed to “fight every day for the hope that tomorrow will be better — for all of us, not just some of us.”  It begs the question, then, what hope have you given those impacted by the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines?…You have repeatedly claimed to have “faith” in the regulatory agencies, yet recent court decisions and the blatant, undeniable violations and water contamination already occurring have proven that your claims are actually in bad faith.  By continuing to support the pipelines and issue knowingly deceptive statements to defend these unjust projects, you have completely removed any hope impacted Virginians had in you to stand with them, and you have only prescribed them the impacts of corporate greed and its bought political apathy. You are no more a fighter for the hope that tomorrow will be better for everyone than you are a politician who is uncorrupted by corporations like Dominion Energy and EQT.”

The activists followed the reading of the letter with chants and a delivery of the signed letter to a representative from Constituent Services.

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