Amanda Chase Plans to Introduce Legislation Allowing Guns in Schools & Churches

by Brandon Jarvis

In an interview with the Amelia Bulletin Monitor, which only publishes in print, Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) stated that she plans to introduce legislation in 2020 that will allow concealed-weapon permit holders to carry weapons into schools and churches.

“Having armed people in the schools would be like having a security alarm in a house.” said Chase.

Senator Chase has been a huge proponent of throwing out any restrictions on guns, being one of the leading voices for Senate Republicans after they quickly ended the special session in July that was supposed to be focused on gun control.

In the interview, chase stated that 95% of mass shootings happen in schools and churches. This is a false statement according to researchers at the Washington Post, who say, “Shootings in schools and houses of worship tend to stand out in our minds, but they make up a relatively small portion of public mass shootings. More common are those in offices and retail establishments such as restaurants and stores.”

Chase said that her legislation would only allow gun-free zones if an armed security guard was on the campus. If her legislation were to be signed into law, anyone with a concealed weapon carry permit would be allowed to bring their weapon onto campus.

Chase will have to win her re-election bid before she has a chance to introduce anymore legislation. She is running against Amanda Pohl (D-Chesterfield), in a typically conservative district. But with Chase disrespecting police officers and cursing at employees of the General Assembly, she has lost support across her district.

Pohl spoke with Richmond 2day in regards to the article. “This is another example of how out-of-touch Chase is with the people of this community. I’m a mom of two young school aged kids and as I talk to mothers and fathers throughout the district we share a deep concern for our kids safety. That means keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. Not turning our schools—where our kids should be learning and playing and thriving —into militarized zones.”

One reliable Republican that lives within her district told Richmond 2day that she refuses to vote for Chase after she berated Capitol Police and used demeaning language in reference to a Senate staffer.

With this week’s fundraising filing report, Chase is trailing Pohl in money raised and cash on hand, showing that the momentum exists behind the Pohl campaign to possibly flip this typically-Republican district.

Voters head to the polls on November 5th.