“As an American, and as a Jewish woman, I am heartbroken”

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By Delegate Debra Rodman

This week is Yom Hashoah, a time to remember the Holocaust and the millions who were murdered because of hatred, fear, and bigotry. Exactly six months ago, members of the Pittsburgh Jewish community were shot en mass as they worshipped.

And today we are horrified – but not surprised – to learn once again of the violence anti-semitism, bigotry, and hatred can cause. As an American, and as a Jewish woman, I am heartbroken that our brothers and sisters of all faiths around the world cannot pray without fear.

But today is also the last day of Passover: a holiday commemorating the resilience and freedom of the Jewish people.

This is my vibrant and diverse Virginia community with whom I spent this beautiful Saturday. We are united, we are resilient, and we are powerful. When faced with bigotry, we will do so much more than send thoughts and prayers – we will fight for what is right and just in this world.

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