Audio: Dave Brat says he supports Corey Stewart at a private event

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Last night, Dave Brat (R), the incumbent in the 7th congressional district hosted a private town hall in the very-wealthy Hallsley Neighborhood in far-west Chesterfield. At the event, Brat covered a plethora of topics that his supporters and detractors are guaranteed to clash over. However, the question GOP candidates across the state have been dodging is will they show support for the senate candidate Corey Stewart.

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Brat has been dodging the Corey Stewart questions for months, but last night he finally made a definitive public statement in support of the highly controversial Senate candidate.

Someone in attendance asked the Congressman if he supports Corey Stewart, Brat responds with:

“Yeah, I am clear on all of this, on the president, on Corey Stewart, on anyone, it is just the Republican creed.”

Listen to the rest of his comments on Stewart below.

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