Authorities suspend search for missing Williamsburg woman due to extreme heat

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Law enforcement in California that are searching for Susan Schmeirer, a 65-year-old from Williamsburg, have been slowed down due to heat and rough terrain according to the WY Daily.

Temperatures on the ground reached heights that would be too hard for search dogs. The rough conditions of the grounds in the area disabled two terrain vehicles for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

Schmeirer and her husband, William, 64, left Williamsburg on May 27 on a cross-country road trip. They were last seen June 2 near Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark, a 250-foot-tall extinct volcano about 100 miles from Palm Springs.

On June 13, authorities found the Schmeirers’ vehicle at a trailhead near the crater. The vehicle had been parked there for about 10 days and appeared to be abandoned, the sheriff’s department said.

Authorities have confirmed that the woman’s husband body was located by their vehicle in June.


Read more from the WY Daily on the history of the case.

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