‘Balliceaux’ in The Fan is closing down

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Balliceaux is a great live music venue and one of my favorite places to go for 70′, 80’s, and 90’s music dance floors.  It only cost a dollar (cash only) to go from the front bar and restaurant scene to the dance floor tucked away in the back.

Balliceaux, located on Lombardy Street in The Fan, opened in 2009 with one of the area’s top cocktail programs and developed a reputation as a popular live music venue. That reputation was tarnished in November when a promoter wore a ‘Blackface’ costume to a Halloween party at the restaurant, which sparked outrage across the city and beyond.

Balliceaux will be closing on January 8th and the owners from local eateries Pasture, Comfort and Saison will replace it with an ‘upscale Mexican concept,’ according to new ownership.

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