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Written by Brandon Jarvis

The Democrats were stunned in November to find out that their “Superstar” Hillary Clinton lost to the worst presidential candidate in American history, Donald Trump. How did this happen?  It certainly has nothing to do with Trump, he brought his campaign to a crawl seemingly every step of the way.  In the same fashion that he is putting his administration in jeopardy recently with his Twitter Fingers.  So if it wasn’t the candidate, it must have been the party.  Honestly, it depends on which party you are referring to…  The Republicans didn’t rally for Trump until the end, and even then it wasn’t a huge outpouring.  Republicans were actually really hesitant to back Trump.  So it the conservatives didn’t win the election for Trump… I guess the liberals must have lost it.

Side Note:

I do believe that Russia had an influence on the election of course, lets just get that out of the way. Americans still voted, and voted for this guy.

The Democrats were lazy at the end, Hillary’s campaign made a few mistakes, and the world underestimated the distrust that so many people had in Hillary.  She was not an ideal candidate to say the least… she has been apart of quite a few different scandals and other mishaps as a civil servant in multiple occupations.  None of that should have outweighed the propensity of ignorance spewing from Donald Trump’s mouth or Twitter Fingers on any given day.  But, to expect everyone to believe in her, and not believe in the guy spreading lies and nonsense so blatantly might be a little difficult…  Seeing as Hillary is not only a-part of the establishment, conspiracy theorists and random unverified news articles make it sound like she runs the establishment.  Wiki leaks appears to have exposed that the primaries were played unfairly by party leadership to help ensure Hillary beat Bernie.  Imagine a voter on the fence about this election, not only does it look like Hillary just stepped on one of her own to reach the top, but the “Establishment” helped her do this.  Was this true? quite possibly.  Is this uncommon? What do you think.  Party leaders know who the strongest candidate will be USUALLY.

Democrats also like to argue with themselves.  A LOT.  Over random issues like how much feminism is too much feminism, or which election is more important; the Gubernatorial or House?  Instead of debating every single little decision, step back and look at the big picture.  Figure out what needs your attention right now at this moment and work on that issue.  You can’t save the entire world all at once.  But, maybe you can work day after day to make the world a little better.

Democrats need to accept that this happened, and that an impeachment might never happen.  It would be nice if it did, but don’t bet on Republicans to make the tough decisions. Find a message, craft that message, then deliver the message.


I am on a random rant at this point.  I also understand that hindsight is 20/20.

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