Breaking: A train carrying Republican Congress members crashed near Charlottesville

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

A train carrying Republican members of Congress struck a trash truck near Charlottesville, Virginia on Wednesday morning, NBC News reports. The crash happened in Crozet, Va. Members of Congress on scene have been calling into MSNBC, CNN, and feeding information to the media directly. Multiple members have stated that the 2 people in the trash truck that was struck are injured.

The Speaker of House, Paul Ryan was onboard the train. He is reported to be okay. The White House says that there has been one fatality, and one serious injury. Sources say that both of those people were in the vehicle that was struck.

The members of Congress and their staff were traveling to a Republican retreat in West Virginia. No serious injuries were reported on the train, according to MSNBC. Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida told MSNBC the train was mostly occupied by members of Congress and their spouses and families, with some staffers aboard as well.

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