Breaking: The Senate just voted to reopen the government

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Posted Brandon Jarvis

After 3 days of a government shutdown, the Senate leadership came to an agreement to expend government funding through February 8th. Chuck Schumer addressed the chamber before Monday’s vote.

We will vote today to reopen the government, to continue negotiating a global agreement, with the commitment that, if an agreement is not reached by Feb 8th, the Senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with DACA. The process will be neutral & fair. I expect @SenateMajLdr to fulfill his commitment to the Senate & abide by this agreement. If he does not honor our agreement, he will have breached the trust of not only the Democratic Senators but the members of his own party as well.

The vote passed on the Senate floor with nearly 80 yes votes.. The bill needs to now pass the House of Representatives, then be signed by President Trump. This gives the Senate 17 days to workout an immigration deal that can get 60 votes.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose nearly 80 points as the Senate started its vote.

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