The Clackwells at Garden Grove Brewing

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8:00 PM | Thursday Dec 15, 2016

Fan of Normal Norman Nortledorf music? Then our new generation of NormalTunes are for you!

New to our band? Think Tiny Tim, The Beatles, a jug band (but in place of a jug, put kazoos) and theatrical outtakes all tossed together for campy, folky fun.

Guitar, bass, washboard, banjo, ukulele, keyboard and a hodgepodge of backup sounds set against 4-part harmonies. We sing everything from ’40s covers to tunes about living in a hat, flying in the clouds … and we just might even bark on stage. Really.

Still trying to figure out our sound? No worries … we are too

Garden Grove Brewing
3445 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221

Price: Free

The Clackwells at Garden Grove Brewing

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