Colonial Heights City Council Reviewed Their New Budget, Here’s What You Should Know

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis


The semi-new City Manager Douglas Smith has introduced his proposed operating budget for fiscal-year 2018-2019. This budget funds all of the day-to-day operations around Colonial Heights. Smith’s proposal is actually requiring less money, dropping from $57.1 million last year to $56.5 million.

“One of the interesting things this year is that our general funds budget is actually going down by a little bit, a decrease of about $600,000,” said Finance Director Sheila Minor to the Progress Index. “And that’s just because our revenue streams, we had budgeted a little higher than what actually came in over the past two years, so we’re kind of doing a correction year where we’re bringing those budget estimates back in line with what our actuals have been.”

Here are some of the different aspects that the proposal would fund:

  • An increase in the on-call stipend from $11 to $15;
  • Shared services with Chesterfield County;
  • New positions including one full-time firefighter, one part-time mechanic and one part-time administrative assistant in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office;
  • Poll books for the registrar;
  • Participation in the Child Advocacy Center;
  • Maintenance of the equipment replacement program.

The proposal also added requests from different city departments for services that are not currently funded. Some of those requests include:

  • Six of the seven requested firefighter positions,
  • A GIS coordinator,
  • A flatbed dump truck for city streets,
  • The renovation of the Colonial Heights Middle School tennis courts,
  • The replacement of a fire administration staff vehicle,
  • The replacement of a police administration vehicle,
  • Workout equipment for Fire & EMS,
  • A used Sheriff’s Office vehicle
  • The replacement of the air conditioning at City Hall.

Here are some of the pieces of equipment that will receive repaired under the proposal:

  • Replacement computers (5 year cycle)  4 police vehicles
  •  1 Animal Control Vehicle
  •  Cardiac Monitor (4-for-life)
  •  Turnout Gear (Fire programs)
  •  Leaf Loader (Streets)
  •  Chemical Spreader (Streets)
  •  Street maintenance pickup truck  1 Sheriff’s vehicle
  •  Backup server (IT)
  •  City Hall Mail Room Copier

New equipment that will be bought if Council votes for the proposal include:

  • Tactical Pistol Lights for PD
  •  Patrol Rifles for PD
  •  Particulate Filter Machine for Garage

Members of City Council will be voting on the FY 2018-2019 annual operating budget at their regular meeting on May 8. Read the proposed budget here. 

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