Congressman wants more info on what the RRHA is doing to battle rodent infestation at Whitcomb Court

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by Brandon Jarvis

WTVR6 in Richmond recently published a story about a pregnant woman in Whitcomb Court that is battling a rodent infestation in her apartment in the Whitcomb Court complex in Richmond. “I was disappointed and very concerned to see the enclosed CBS 6 news stories about the young family in Whitcomb Court” said Representative Donald McEachin (VA-04).

The report said that the health inspector came to her apartment, referring her to code enforcement, which ended up in the RRHA maintenance crew replacing some of her kitchen appliances. But the tenant says she is still removing multiple rodents from her children’s rooms.

“I’ve killed at least, and I’m not lying, probably 30 or 40 mice here,” Duncan said in the WTVR report. “It’s rats. It’s mice. Some are this big. At this point, I’m at a loss. If they’re not doing anything, what am I supposed to do? It is an infestation and I can’t handle it on my own.”

Congressman McEachin sent a letter to Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority (RRHA) requesting information about a resolution to the serious rodent infestation in an apartment in Whitcomb Court. Ultimately, Rep. McEachin’s office says he is seeking to assist RRHA and local leaders with addressing and eliminating the infestation.

“Rodent infestations are a health and safety risk. said McEachin. “These animals carry disease, bring dangers into the home, and destroy foodstuff as well as property. The tenants should not be subjected to this kind of repeated intrusion, with numerous invasions and no long-term solution. RRHA must do more than simply plug holes and apply sticky paper. They need to ensure this apartment, and all apartments under their supervision, are rodent free and safe and clean. I want to hear more about what is being done to remedy this issue immediately before someone is bitten or falls ill. My constituents’ health, safety and access to an adequate and decent shelter are of paramount concern for me.”

Since RRHA is a public housing entity under the authority of city government, McEachin’s office said that a copy of this letter was also sent to U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Mayor Levar Stoney, and members of the city council. Congressman McEachin said he stands ready to assist and support the team at RRHA to ensure that his constituents always have clean, warm shelter.

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