Corey Stewart makes fun of “Cryin Nick” Freitas in Senate primary

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Stewart defends his supporters for making fun of Nick Freitas’ last name. Freitas called it racist, Stewart then responds saying Freitas pulled the race car and that is was the “Democrats do.”

Stewart continued, “you are never going to be able to handle the ridicule, the embarrassment, the intimidation that the Democrats are going to be lashing out at us this November and you’re going to be eaten up and spit out”;  He then restates that he wants to launch a vicious and ruthless campaign against Tim Kaine.

Stewart is squaring off with Freitas for the Republican nomination to run against the incumbent Tim Kaine for the United States Senate. Stewart was Trump’s campaign manager in Virginia, and he lost by a slim margin to Ed Gillespie in the Republican primary for Governor. Freitas is thought to have more political-eloquence than Stewart, that could possibly attract more moderate-Republicans and Independents in the election.

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