Councilwoman Robertson’s Statement on City Issuing a Request for Proposals for Major Downtown Redevelopment Project

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(Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.) – “As the Richmond City Council member representing the central business district of Richmond, I am elated and supportive of the Mayor’s proactive movement to put out for competitive bid one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the region, located in the heart of downtown Richmond. The City of Richmond has made huge sacrifices over the last 25 years to build a population and workforce to position the City for economic growth.
      I look forward to increased economic development to expand our resource base and to continue to provide quality services to our residents and to fulfill our leading priorities, which include providing quality education to all children, fulfilling our community wealth building goals for families of poverty, and development of inclusive and affordable housing.
            I support the leadership that Mayor Stoney is bringing to the City.”
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Richmond City Council – Richmond City Hall – 900 E. Broad Street, Suite 305 – Richmond, Virginia 23219 U.S.A. (web) – (fb)

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