Opinion: Dave Brat just compared the United States to a third world country

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Written by Brandon Jarvis


“This is the kind of thing you would see in a third world country where the party in power manipulates powerful government intelligence services for their political gain.” 

Those that pay any type of attention to politics would believe that this type of quote from a current congressman, would be directed at the Trump/Russia investigation.  But no, Dave Brat is feeding into the Donald Trump story that Hillary is actually the candidate that colluded with the Russians.  Disregarding all of the evidence that is being found to show that Trump’s campaign MAY actually be guilty of collusion.

Congressman Brat loves to feed into the drama that the President creates with his daily tweets and dramatic rhetoric.

“Did the FBI use an unsourced, unverified and discredited “dossier” funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to open up investigations into the Trump campaign and innocent Americans?”

HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION! Regardless of your thoughts on collusion and treason, why are we still talking about her?  Shouldn’t the Republicans, that hold the Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House be moving forward? I thought that Brat would be more focused on advancing his “free market” legislation than talking about Hillary Clinton.

Congressman Brat is one of the more conservative members of congress. He is typically against increasing the debt, but he just voted to support the budget bill that would increase the deficit.

“Instead of cutting taxes, the Democrat’s progressive budget proposal includes $10.1 trillion in tax increases and $11 trillion in spending increases, creating a drag on our economy and putting our kids deeper in debt. However, the plan put forth by Republicans is pro-growth, cuts taxes, and will help get our economy moving,” said the Congressman.

On the other hand, 69 Republicans voted against the Puerto Rico relief package.  The bill still narrowly passed, but one of those representatives that voted no was Congressman Brat. Brat will support more spending if it goes with the Republican party, but not if it is to support United States citizens in need.  The Budget bill that he voted for is projected to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion.  The Puerto Rico relief package that Brat voted against cost $36.5 billion

“Up here we use these casual phrases that we are going to write off the debt,” Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), who voted against the relief package, told reporters. “Whoosh, there it goes. But where does it go? It goes to the taxpayer.”




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