Dave Brat just went on CNN and Poppy Harlow corrected his misinformation about Trump’s Executive Order

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

In the clip below, Brat starts after Harlow asks the Congressman what he thinks the Government should do with the kids that have already been separated. “There’s huge paperwork that identifies where kids are going so kids can get matched up again.” 

Harlow quickly interrupted: “No, No, Congressman theres not, HHS came out last night and said we are still figuring this out, what do we do with these kids that are detained right now?”

“I’ve heard that, but I’ve also heard they had a clarification statement, I don’t know If you missed that one”

After a short back and forth, Harlow asks Brat if there is something that he thinks the president should do? 

Brat then starts to blame Democrats, saying they are for open borders. Harlow then says she believes children are above politics; she then reiterated that she asked him What does he think should happen? He continued to bash Democrats without any productive policy talk.

 Watch the clip below. 

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