Dave Brat wrote a letter to a constituent defending the lack of enforcement of the Russia sanctions by Trump

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Dave Brat recently wrote a letter responding to a constituent in reference to the Trump administration not enforcing the Russia sanctions that received overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress.

In the letter, Brat defends the lack of implementation by saying that Russia has the ninth-largest economy in the world.  “Experts have debated the potential effects of current U.S. sanctions on Russia and Russia’s retaliatory measures. Russia is a major player in the economy. It has the world’s ninth-largest economy.”

The Trump administration failed to meet a January deadline to impose sanctions on individuals that do business with Russian military or intelligence entities.

In the summer, Trump signed into law the ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act’. Members of Congress from both parties crafted the bill in response to Trump’s unusual warmth toward Russian President Vladimir Putin and his refusal to accept the analysis from ALL of his intelligence official that Russia did interfere in the election.

The legislation almost unanimously passed both chambers, and it was clear that Congress would override a presidential veto. It was explicitly designed to make old sanctions against Russia permanent and pressure Trump to impose new ones. The bill forced Trump to impose costs on Putin for interfering in America’s democratic process and his interventions in Ukraine and Syria.

Representative Dave Brat (R) from the 7th district of Virginia defended the lack of response in this letter.

Representative Brat has shown that he is a strong supporter of the President and his talking points. Opposition among his constituents is growing by the day. He refuses to meet with the people he represents and is completely out of touch with what is happening in his district.

Multiple qualified Democrats are standing up to take over the seat from Brat in November.

Learn more about them here: Abigail Spanberger, Dan Ward, Helen Ali.

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