Delegate Debra Rodman introduces a bill to limit rip-off clauses used by for-profit schools to reduce students’ rights

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Staff update.

Delegate Debra Rodman just announced a bill aimed at protecting the rights of students across the Commonwealth. See her announcement below.


Del. Debra Rodman (D-73, Henrico) today introduced House Bill 2236 to stop for-profit institutions of higher education from forcing students to sign pre-dispute arbitration clauses and other restrictive clauses, which limit their recourse when a dispute arises between students and their schools. 


Delegate Rodman said, “Students at for-profit colleges are often single parents, older or minority students, or veterans who already struggle with additional budgetary burdens. The spiraling debt caused by for-profit institutions can be overwhelming. Under these circumstances, students should not have to sign an arbitration agreement to resolve financial disagreements and should have all tools available to them to protect their circumstances.”


“As Betsy DeVos walks away from her job to protect student loan borrowers, it’s great to see leaders like Delegate Rodman step up,” Seth Frotman said. “It’s time for states to crack down on predatory schools which have for too long preyed upon those chasing the American dream.”


“This bill does just that – prohibits forced arbitration agreements and allows these students more and fairer avenues to resolve these issues with the often mercenary for-profit education industry,” Delegate Rodman concluded. 


The full text of the bill can be found on Virginia’s Legislative Information System here.

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