Democrats’ Volunteering At Historic Levels

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Richmond, Va. — This weekend, volunteers across the Commonwealth volunteered to canvass and phone bank for Democrats up and down the ticket at historic levels of voter engagement. The coordinated field effort is producing an incredible amount of voter contact, providing Democrats with a decisive advantage heading into the final two weeks.

The numbers are historic for any campaign, including last year’s presidential effort.

In total, field staffers and volunteers knocked on 212,268 doors, a nearly 143% increase from the same weekend in 2013 and a  48% increase from the same weekend in 2016.

  • 2017 Door Knocks: 212,268
  • 2016 Door Knocks: 143,573
  • 2013 Door Knocks: 87,151

In total, field staffers and volunteers made 211,340 phone calls on behalf of democrats up and down the ticket, a 130% increase from the same weekend in 2013.*

  • 2017 Phone Attempts: 211,340
  • 2013 Phone Attempts: 92,060

In total, 5,093 volunteer shifts were filled, a 255% % increase from the same weekend in 2013 and a  15%  increase from the same weekend in 2016.

Throughout the entire campaign, field staffers and volunteers have identified 26% more supporters at this time than the 2013 coordinated campaign.

These numbers are made possible by an unprecedented level of GOTV coordination between the three statewide campaigns, partner organizations, and delegate campaigns. 20 house of delegate campaigns are working directly with the coordinated campaign, up from 14 house of delegate campaigns in 2013.

“We are extremely proud of the inclusive organization we have built for Democrats in 2017,” said Coordinated Director, Lauren Brainerd. “We are seeing incredible enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket and House of Delegate candidates, and it is translating into huge amounts of volunteer activity. This weekend was a good foundation, and our supporters are ready to take it to the next level.”

*2016 phone data was unavailable at the time of release.


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