Dinwiddie Landowner Found Missing 5 Year Old and Grandmother

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Virginia State Police confirm that missing 71-year-old Barbara Briley and her great-granddaughter LaMyra Briley have been found alive in Dinwiddie County.

They have been missing since Christmas Eve, when they were last seen in Ruther Glen, VA.

Police say they were found around 5 p.m. on Wednesday in the woods near Nash Road, several miles from I-85. They were found about 50 feet from the car by the landowner, and police say Barbara was unconscious at the time she was found.

The landowner then contacted the Dinwiddie Sheriff’s Office. Deputies that arrived at the scene carried Barbara Briley about 100 yards to the main path and transported her to a field where State Police transported her by medflight to VCU Medical Center. She is listed in serious condition.

LaMyra appeared unharmed and is back with family members.

Police say they found apples and juice boxes near where the two were found. Police say that appears Barbara turned onto Nash Road and drove about 3/10 of a mile before pulling off into the woods. She drove over a small tree and tried to back up, but the vehicle got stuck. Police hope to speak more with Barbara in the coming days to learn more about what happened.

Police say the landowner frequently has hunters use his property and was checking through his property when he happened to find the Brileys.

The Brileys were heading from New Jersey to North Carolina when they went missing. Agencies from each state have been searching along the route they were expected to take for the past several days.

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