Donald Trump referred to Denver Riggleman as a sitting U.S. Congressman in his endorsement

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Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Republican Denver Riggleman late Monday night. What many people didn’t pick up on was the fact that Trump made multiple careless-mistakes in his tweet. The Democratic Party of Virginia sent out the following press release to make sure that everyone realized the mistake. Check it out below:


After a recent New York Times poll found Democrat Leslie Cockburn leading in VA-05, Denver Riggleman has attempted to jumpstart his lackluster, uninspiring campaign by enlisting the help of GOP party leaders and Beltway insiders in Mike Pence, Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund, and even Donald Trump.

But like his lazy, lethargic, and error-prone campaign, Denver’s endorsement from Trump did not go very well….

1.   Trump tagged the wrong Denver Riggleman on Twitter.

2.  Trump referred to Riggleman, who has never held office, as a sitting U.S. Congressman.

3.  Trump praised Riggleman for several Congressional votes he couldn’t have possibly taken.

After receiving widespread flak for his botched endorsement rollout, Trump issued a second tweet that corrected only two of his original three errors!

While this time Trump did tag the correct Denver Riggleman and resisted the urge to name Riggleman as a U.S. Congressman – he did however continue to credit Riggleman for votes taken in Congress just this year.   

Like Donald Trump and his embarrassing Twitter endorsement, Denver Riggleman and his flailing campaign for Congress just can’t seem to get anything right.             



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