Don’t Forget About The Bernie Sanders Mural On Broad Street

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Richmond is a liberal city so it is no doubt that Bernie has a large presence here. Especially among the college students and throughout The Fan. Richmond is also a city that focuses a lot on street art and fully embraces the art. So are you really surprised that we now have a Bernie mural. Don’t get it twisted I am not mad about this at all, I am just stating the obvious.

Local artist Mickael Broth spent today painting a towering image of Bernie Sanders moshing (or skanking, according to some observers) next to the phrase “Feel the Bern.” The mural of the 74-year-old, which he’s calling “Bernie Slamders,” went up at 3300 W. Broad St. across from CBS-6, on the old Sea Dream leather building owned by David Morrison.

Broth counts himself a huge fan of Sanders and says the image inspired by the Circle Jerks’ skank man (originally created by female cartoonist Shawn Kerri back in the ’80s) stresses the energy and revolutionary aspect of Sanders’ grassroots campaign.

“It’s fun, it’s quirky and draws on the punk-rock ethos,” Broth says. “I think a lot of people out there are feeling the Bern. He seems to have a real chance and if nothing else, is unable to be marginalized. It’s been interesting to watch the way both parties have tried to prevent two people [the other being Republican candidate Donald Trump] from being involved, and it’s blown up in their faces.”

Bernie will always be a legend especially in liberal cities like Richmond. Embrace it and feel the bern.

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