Drive-Thru Camera Snaps Photo Of House & Car Thief

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Written by Brandon Jarvis

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Detectives in Richmond are asking for citizens help to identify a suspect that stole items from a home. The suspects also stole the homeowners vehicle.  The incident happened around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 28.  Detectives say items were taken from a home in the Fan and the vehicle was also stolen from the driveway. The car was eventually recovered in the 2900 block of Woodcliff Avenue.

After the vehicle was found, police found evidence in the vehicle that could help them build a timeline.  Something that they found led detectives to a restaurant drive-thru in the White Oak Village shopping center in Henrico County. A photo from the drive-thru’s surveillance camera shows the suspect in the stolen vehicle just two hours after the burglary.

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