Expect several congressional sexual harassment stories to break in the coming weeks

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

It would be a safe bet to believe that any Congressman with a past history of poor sexual conduct is now in panic-mode.  Major news outlets are dedicating an immense portion of time to investigating these sexual harassment claims.  Jonathan Swan reported that multiple well-known D.C. based reporters are contacting GOP operatives about stories involving multiple members of Congress.

D.C. is already being scrutinized

 Senator Al Franken has apologized for groping a woman on a comedy tour in a picture.  Leann Tweeden, the woman he assaulted says she forgives him.  Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate from Alabama, is denying allegations of trying to date multiple underage girls when he was in his 30’s.

Why now

This is all apart of the sexual assault revolution that has really taken off since the NY Times piece on Harvey Weinstein.  Since that story, countless celebrities, executives, and men in positions of power have been exposed.

Over a year ago, we learned of multiple sexual harassment cases that have been filed against the then-candidate Donald Trump.  We heard him on tape brag about his celebrity making it easier for him to have his way with any woman by “grabbing her by the pu**y.”

The world has finally made it “cool” to be outraged by sexual assault.  Although, it would’ve been nice to have had this revolution decades ago, or even last year. The zeitgeist has shifted in America in a matter of weeks from silence and ignorance, to action and accountability.

Last November the country did not hold a man accountable that bragged on tape about taking advantage of women using power. Will 2018 be a year where the President finally addresses his past discretions? He has remained silent on the issues unless a Democrat has been involved.  He’s been trying to avoid this topic as to keep attention off of the accusations against him. But when a rival Senator was hit by accusations, Trump couldn’t resist but to tweet about it.  He opened himself up to accusations of only showing morals when it benefits his political party, and also accusations of being a hypocrite with his own poor behaviors.



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