Facebook Project Connects Mothers of Children With Special Needs

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A Hanover mom is fighting to help children with special needs be seen just like anyone else, and her project is taking off on Facebook.

Inside her Hanover home, Molly Korte plays with a toy house with her son, Jacob, who is just shy of 2 years old and was just diagnosed with autism.

It’s a diagnosis that hit hard when it came.

“Everything that we had known up to that point was going to be completely different,” said Korte. “It was scary. It was emotional. There was so much going on with our whole family.”

She said she felt very alone.

“I realized that all the families that I’d been with, all the mom’s groups that I had done — everything was going to change on me and it was a scary place,” said Korte. “I couldn’t talk to people about it. I have my close friends, but they don’t have special needs kids.”

That’s what got Molly thinking. Molly could see Jacob — really see him for who he was and what he could be.

But she needed everyone else to see him, too.

She needed to show that her son was just like any other kid.

“I thought if there is a way I could reach out, and show other people how amazing he is and how amazing each of these children is,” said Korte.

And that’s how Project Just Like You was born. It features a different child each day. And shows how that child is excelling. It’s getting lots of traction- picked up around the world.

“It’s building this global community network and people are talking to one another and I’m able to help people,” said Korte.

Korte features children with down syndrome, autism, diabetes and several other labels. But those labels aren’t what this page is all about.

It showcases the things that make each child shine — the things that show they are just like any kid.

“To be able to do this I feel like is giving back on such a scale that I never knew I had it in me to do. And Jacob has pushed me to new heights to new levels that I did not know was in me.”

For more information, click here to visit the Project Just Like You Facebook page.
By Sarah Bloom

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