Fairfax accuser will testify before General Assembly committee

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By Brandon Jarvis

Republicans announced on the House floor today that they would be launching an investigation into the accusations against Lt. Governor Fairfax. Del Rob Bell said that the General Assembly has “a duty to investigate.” According to Bell, the House Courts of Justice committee will schedule a hearing. We have not heard a date yet.

Meredith Watson, the second woman to accuse Fairfax of sexual assault has already accepted the invite. See her announcement below. And as for Vanessa Tyson, the first woman to accuse Fairfax, she has also previously stated that she is open to testifying.

Bell said both women are open to testify, along with the Lt. Governor. We will update you when we have more details.

Statement from Watson on Friday:


Watson Accepts Invitation to Testify


Meredith Watson is gratified that the Virginia General Assembly has announced their intention to hold hearings, and she looks forward to testifying at this forum.


It is our understanding that the hearing will be public and televised and that Ms. Watson, Dr. Tyson and Lt. Governor Fairfax will all testify under oath and be subject to the same rules and requirements, including our right to present witnesses and corroborators.


          Nancy Erika Smith, Attorney for Meredith Watson

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