Fake signs for Abigail Spanberger are showing up

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By Brandon Jarvis

We have been recently made aware of fake signs for Abigail Spanberger’ displayed across the 7th district.

The signs try to tie Spanberger to some of the far-left policy ideas including abolishing ICE, open borders, amnesty, and impeaching Trump.

11926 Hull Street in Chesterfield

At Hull Street and Courthouse Road

A spokesperson for the Spanberger campaign told us that they have nothing to do with the signs. “The fact that they are even being put up shows the strength of our campaign and how we are effectively connecting with voters across the 7th who are eager for new, accessible leadership.”

We reached out to the Dave Brat campaign for comment, but we have yet to receive a response.

The signs give no attribution to who paid for or created them. Regulations from the state say that “No locality shall have the authority to prohibit the display of political campaign signs on private property if the signs are in compliance with zoning and right-of-way restrictions applicable to temporary nonpolitical signs, if the signs have been posted with the permission of the owner. The provisions of this section shall supersede the provisions of any local ordinance or regulation in conflict with this section. This section shall have no effect upon the regulations of the Virginia Department of Transportation.”

Any political sign or literature must have a printed disclaimer notifying the public who paid for that ad. The ad also has to specify if the candidate did, or did not approve the message. These signs do not appear to include any of those disclaimers. You can learn more about the rules in displaying campaign ads here.

We have not been able to speak to the owners of the property where the signs were found. We will keep looking to try and find out more information on the landowners, and if they know who posted the signs.

Stay with us for more info.


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